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Sweet Submitter


Sweet Submitter is your one-stop SEO solution to finally finding an affordable and effective way to build hundreds of new and high quality backlinks.

With these automatically build backlinks, you'll finally be able to reach the top spots on Google, and receive massive amounts of free Search Engine traffic.

Proof: Here are the traffic stats from the search engines on a recent website that we created for a client. It's a basic niche 3-page affiliate site, and you can spot the difference that the Sweet Submitter backlinks had on the ranking and traffic for this website:


Sweet Submitter Screenshot:


A few more pictures from the traffic stats for a console gaming blog that was boosted with Sweet Submitter:


No more will you need to manually do everything (like scrapping thousands of keywords, finding auto-approve lists, creating social bookmarks and web 2.0 properties, losing time with slow or non-functioning proxy servers or paying hundreds of dollars for "specialized" SEO services).

Because Sweet Submitter uses a "Smart SEO Engine", it automatically scrapes and configures most of the background settings so you don't have to (like finding content to post, websites where to post, probability of the content to be accepted and other relevant information about the backlinks that is about to be post).

Most SEO applications require you to spent hours learning, watching tutorials and configuring them in order to start working, which is basically time lost - since a smart, well automated software will do a much more precise work, in a lot less time.

With Sweet Submitter, you are getting in control of your own link building, but as the software offers a high level of automation, you will be free to focus on the important aspects of your business, while Sweet Submitter will be silently working in the background and add hundreds of links to your chosen web properties.

Best of all, since it's an actual SEO software and not a service, you are free to build as many backlinks as needed, towards any number of websites!