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STOP Overpaying for Just the Few Ranking Metrics You Need!

Cheap Domain Rank Checker Ahrefs, Majestic & Moz are invaluable services for Our online industry, providing tons of detailed and valuable data for each domain. However the vast majority of people need/use just few of those details that became most important. Basically You are paying big amount of money to get tons of data You don't need, but use just few metrics at the end of the day! So, if You were to pay for the most basic plans at those 3 services You would pay $99 + $49 + $79 = $227 a month! SHOCKING, AIN'T IT?!! If You need all the data they provide that's OK, but just to quickly evaluate a domain... DAMN EXPENSIVE!! WELL, THAT'S NO MORE!!! Our service specializes in providing You just the metrics You need at VERY VERY LOW & AFFORDABLE PRICES!!!

Get All the IMPORTANT Domain/URL Quality Metrics in one GO!

Domain Quality Checker


Domain Rank Checker Tool of NEW GENERATION!

No other tool online provides instant access to data from several different statistical sites! Check as many domains as You want in one GO!
Having all important metrics from the different statistical sites infront of your eyes, lets You absolutely easy and quickly evaluate a domain's quality!
Providing You just the few most important metrics everybody cares about, lets Us charge really low, reasonable and affordable to anyone fee!
Submit a domain and get all quality metrics in just few seconds! Our average response time for the last 24 hours is just 6.39 seconds
We keep a track of your account activity. We provide You with detailed statistics and charts about your daily domain checking usage and history!
We provide You with absolutely easy to use API that enables You to embed our service functionalities into 3rd party services or software, even into your own applications!
Domain Rank Checker Tool
5,000 credits / mo
10,000 credits / mo
25% Savings
20,000 credits / mo
50% Savings
50,000 credits / mo
72% Savings
100,000 credits / mo
76% Savings
200,000 credits / mo
78% Savings
350,000 credits / mo
80% Savings
500,000 credits / mo
82% Savings
??? credits / mo
From small to extremely High volume Plans
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MOZ Rank Checker
  1,436 Active and Happy Customers

  2,830,356 Rank Checks last 24 Hours

  84,436,800 Rank Checks last 30 Days

  6.39 sec Average Response Time

Nice amounts, aren't they?!!
Finally easy and cheap way to get the most important domain rank metrics!

I absolutely love the service! I simply come and paste the domains I wish to check and
I get all the data I need in just few seconds!
DomainRanx Review
Jerry, USA
My business is buying and selling domains and I do it all day everyday.

Having a tool like DomainRanx definitely saves me tons of time by providing me easy and instant access to all the major rank metrics I need before I buy a domain!

The price is absolutely absurd for the high quality of service provided!
DomainRanx Review
Martin, USA
I got really shocked when a buddy told me about DomainRanx, especially when he said "I am paying just $9.97 a month"

I went home, signed up and since then I save over $160.00 every month using DomainRanx!!!
DomainRanx Review
Albert, Germany
You guys are pretty damn correct that we are actually paying big money to get just the few domain metrics We need!!!

I still use my Ahrefs and Moz accounts, however I save up on credits a lot! I am using mainly DomainRanx for domain evaluation, Ahrefs/Moz just for the more detailed data I need!

Cheers for the awesome service You guys provide!
DomainRanx Review
Stan, Australia